We love our partners!

The Chalmers Formula Student Team is currently well into the design phase of the creation of the 2015 Formula SAE car. As this is the first year we are developing an electric powertrain, the product development challenges are greater than ever.

The team is composed of 32 students, who have to balance Master’s studies with a project that could easily be considered as a full-time occupation. During this year, we are not only building a car. We are building an organization, while at the same time completing a full product development cycle. This means we are a company in every sense while being students. We have to adapt to an environment where we live side-by-side for most of our waking hours. We have to resolve our disagreements and accomplish the tasks we committed ourselves to. We have to deliver high quality results. We have to learn to prioritize, act effective, and make sacrifices for the common goal of the team.

We believe what is learnt during this yearlong project will create lasting benefits in our professional lives. We also believe that the experience from working in a tightly knit, project oriented, multi-disciplinary collaboration will be of great worth to our future employers.

We want to say to our partners:

“This project serves as a communication channel between you and some very skilled Chalmers engineers. By being our partners, you will have first-hand access to newly baked talents, who are skilled, specialized, and full of energy eager take up new challenges.”

From the beginning of January 2015, Chalmers Formula Student will start the manufacturing phase. Right now we are contacting all our partners so we can secure the material and resources needed to complete this project. We are extremely grateful for your interest, commitment and contribution to helping us build this year’s competition car.