Happy holidays

The fall is now behind us and Design Lockdown as well. This means that we now have the car as a model in the computers (backup is key) and we are about to enter the manufacturing phase. Except form this we also have four new Trainees that will work with us and learn how we work in Chalmers Formula Student. Being a Trainee is an good opportunity for students to start their engagement and they will posses information that will be much useful for the team if they decide to continue as a team member next year. The main difference between a trainee and a team member is mainly that the trainee is a position designed for a the possibility of learning and do not have any demeans on time put in to the project.

If you are interested in reading more about what we have done during the fall, read our newsletter and we will see you next year.

FrontpagePhoto: Therese von Hackwitz, Communications subgroup