CFS15 PreStudy Presentation

The 2015 Chalmers Formula Student (CFS15) racecar team is welcoming you to our Pre-Study Presentation on Monday, 20 October from 6 to 8PM.

Unlike all previous cars, the 2015 team is running an all-electric drivetrain, as opposed to having an internal combustion engine. This makes it very exciting for us, because we are faced with brand new challenges.

This September marked the start of a new year for the team. Our team is comprised of 32 new members and three former members from various fields of studies at Chalmers. In the Pre-Study Presentation, our students will present their research findings and talk to you about how they plan to tackle various technical challenges.

HA2 Map

Event Info:

Monday, 20 October from 6 to 8PM

Room HA2, Hörsalsvägen 4, Chalmers University of Technology

We look forward to seeing you there!


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